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Imaginarium Creative Studio signs the illustrations of ALCHEMAYA, the "syntonic" work of MAX GAZZÈ.

From the cover and booklet graphics of the double CD and triple vinyl (Universal Music) to the animations for social communication, passing through drawings and the programming of the dedicated videogame, arriving at the official video clip of the song Sanremo, the esoteric concepts of this unpublished work, played with the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra of Prague, conducted by Maestro Clemente Ferrari, are the protagonists of a work in progress visual story that accompanies the audience within this incredible narrative that addresses themes of history, philosophy, mythology, quantum physics, and esotericism. A mysterious and fantastic tale, partly historical, partly philosophical, and somewhat mythological, on the origin and evolution of the world and man, drawn through an exciting journey between classical, electronic, and avant-garde.


Twelve are the groups of illustrations created for the Alchemaya booklet. Made with a felt-tip pen on paper, they summarize in images the vital concept that underlies the entire work written by Max and Francesco Gazzè and act as a bridge between the topics' complexity and a highly heterogeneous audience that attends the commissioning.

Schermata 2023-05-16 alle 16.11.38.png



A video entirely made by Imaginarium for the song competing in Sanremo 2018, between the iconography of Yellow Submarine by the Beatles and the psychedelia of Monty Python and Terry Gilliam: it has been defined by the media as "a little jewel of animation" which incorporates the dreamlike illustrations of the entire Alchemaya project.

In this animated tale, you immerse yourself in a bizarre and delightful marine universe between mermaids and triton tails, where surrealism and pop art mix. The drawings recall the iconic world of Yellow Submarine and the visionary work that Terry Gilliam has carried out over the years with Monty Python to create sketches and acronyms. Still, a particular scenographic taste of Federico Fellini and Salvador Dalì's symbolism coexists happily with Max Ernst's 1930s surrealist collages.

Among colors, wavy lines, and psychedelic and symphonic music, the gait of a paper boat ferry the viewer throughout the piece through the 'tides' of the various pictorial tables, up to the reunion of Cristalda and Pizzomunno.

The song's video is available on the official channel Vevo by Max Gazzè.


Alchemaya: The video game is what its name says, a game, but above all, it is an actual unprecedented pop art performance!

In fact, for the first time, an Italian musician is the protagonist of a video game, capable of dragging the audience on an epic and fantastic journey among alien spaceships, dinosaurs, and esoteric symbols. Conceived, designed, and developed by Imaginarium Creative Studio, based on a story by Francesco Gazzè, this videogame represents a further development of the concept of Alchemaya the syntonic work: this year, the illustrations made with felt tip pen for the graphics of the disc and they have continued to stimulate ideas, giving life to 4 psychedelic and adventurous levels, to which the final, closing ones of the game will be added later, via update.


The public, who can access the game for free by clicking on these LINKS, involved in this mission among the stars, must help Max recover as much gold as possible from delivering to the Anunnaki, good aliens who intercept man to enrich him and improve him genetically, fighting the dinosaurs opposed to his evolution.