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The Viareggio Carnival launches a new digital challenge with BURLARACE 150 CC, once again created by Imaginarium Studio.

Starting with the title, the game is a tribute to the 150th anniversary of the Viareggio Carnival, to be celebrated aboard vehicles/wagons whizzing along absolutely fantastic routes.

A race at full speed through routes characterized by surreal atmospheres totally inspired by the places and iconography of the Viareggio Carnival, featuring float masks and, of course, our beloved protagonist, the "maestro carrista," who aboard his papier-mâché construction, a sort of isolated mask on four wheels, faces a thousand obstacles to reach the finish line first and win the Burlamacco Cup.

It is possible to choose one's favorite car from a series of mini wagons (each with its own design, don't miss the legendary Ondina Coupe and the Libecciata Spider...) that will have to grind the asphalt of 6 psychedelic tracks that recall familiar places, such as the Citadel of Carnival, the Viareggio waterfront, but also the historic Walls of Lucca, and totally imaginary environments such as King Carnival's Cavern and the Multiverse of the Lost Masks.

Speed will not be the only goal! In fact, the charioteer will have to accumulate vital energy and extra doses of speed by collecting as many Burlamacco coins as possible scattered around the various race courses, trying not to run off the track in the sharp turns inside the Libeccio Tunnels and avoiding the ramming of competing floats' masks.

Confetti, streamers and Viareggio music will be the fuel for this colorful race, where the only rule is fun!

BURLARACE 150 CC is available for free on Apple and Android digital stores.


BURLAGAME, the pixel art platform of the Universal Carnival of Viareggio 2021!

Experience the most colorful and psychedelic adventure, among the places, the instruments, and the gigantic animated "creatures" that make this event epic.

The Pirates of Fantasy have invaded the city of Viareggio to plunder the Carnival's color, imagination, and joy! Avoid the skulls and faded masks in the square of the Carnival Citadel, explore the mystical hangar of the tanker, defend the display cases of the historical models kept in the mysterious basements of the Museum, and reach Ondina by sailing along the coast of Viareggio aboard a fishing boat that darts past flying octopuses, whales and huge horses, collect gold confetti by jumping between the roofs of the historic buildings of the Promenade: help the Master builder to defeat the pirates and build Burlamacco's cart!

Find the missing pieces and give life to the Universal Carnival!!!


The game is free to download from the Apple Store and Play Store.


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