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A game for all ages, released in February 2021 on the Apple Store and Play Store, with the design and programming of Imaginarium Creative Studio and the pixel art by @Pixel_Salvaje, on behalf of the Viareggio Carnival Foundation.

A team in love with 80's videogames and Carnival, an infinite source of artistic inspiration, pure imagination, and fun.

The choice of an 80s pixel art aesthetic is not accidental: it is not just a tribute to the video games of that era which are back in fashion today, but according to the designers, it defines a close link to the theme of "craftsmanship" between the methods of conception, design, and animation of the levels intended for the famous "arcade cabinets" of the arcades and the dexterity of making the paper-mâché masks.

In a time when the digital governs our life and all phases of artistic products of this type, returning to think of an electronic game that comes from paper gives a crazy emotion. Burlamacco, Ondina, the festive masks, the Carnival places, and the historic buildings of the city of Viareggio have allowed us to rekindle a creative fuse that, drawing from the atmospheres of the past, catapults us into a contemporary and futuristic vision of an approach to tradition and the concept of “universality” of our Carnival.

The protagonist is an original character, the master builder, who moves in a Viareggio imagined as a new fantastic dimension between earth and stars, populated by epic creatures that refer to the legendary wagons of the masters Sergio Baroni, Renato Verlanti, Renato, and Arnaldo Galli, Bocco Vannucci, Raffaello Giunta, Silvano Avanzini and Gilbert Lebigre.


BURLAGAME, the pixel art platform of the Universal Carnival of Viareggio 2021!

Experience the most colorful and psychedelic adventure, among the places, the instruments, and the gigantic animated "creatures" that make this event epic.

The Pirates of Fantasy have invaded the city of Viareggio to plunder the Carnival's color, imagination, and joy! Avoid the skulls and faded masks in the square of the Carnival Citadel, explore the mystical hangar of the tanker, defend the display cases of the historical models kept in the mysterious basements of the Museum, and reach Ondina by sailing along the coast of Viareggio aboard a fishing boat that darts past flying octopuses, whales and huge horses, collect gold confetti by jumping between the roofs of the historic buildings of the Promenade: help the Master builder to defeat the pirates and build Burlamacco's cart!

Find the missing pieces and give life to the Universal Carnival!!!


The game is free to download from the Apple Store and Play Store.



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