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In 2021 Imaginarium created the subject, direction, and visual art of the video clip of FIGLIA. This song closes the album THE MATHEMATICS OF RAMI by Max Gazzè for Virgin Records Italia and Universal Music Italia. 

A project that combines 3D graphics and traditional drawing on paper on the theme of the FUTURE, ENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS, and NATURE in continuous transformation.


In the not-too-distant future, the planet's lifetime is winding down. A man of the stars

 meets a little being different from all the others present in the land space entrusted to him.

The figure is similar to that of a little girl, made of leather and natural elements, leaves, and flowers now believed to have disappeared on the planet for several decades. A relationship immediately arises between the two, arising from curiosity towards the other, towards the different, towards the forgotten, or the never known.

The astronaut welcomes the girl into his home and into his daily life, makes her play, and tries to give her the flavor of a peaceful life in an environment where everything is a symbol of what man has lost through his greed and his unruly actions. Once games, music, and knowledge handed down through the arts and science have been destroyed, man has lost his BALANCE and MEMORY, erasing the future and any possibility of hope.

The days go by, and while what he now calls "daughter" grows full of energy and colors, the astronaut is increasingly suffering. The oxygen at his disposal is running out, and he can see the details of his end.

The environmental situation worsens, and in the midst of increasingly serious cosmic storms, the man continues to protect the girl with all that is left at his disposal, feeding her with food and past and present knowledge.

At the point of death, the passage of knowledge and hope. "Daughter" continues its natural evolution, carrying with it the energy of the time symbols of past humanity to finally create a new life and a new future with a renewed consciousness.

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