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Set design

Videomapping design

Installation art

Traditional drawing


Motion Graphics

Art Direction


IMAGINARIUM, a Tuscan studio active since 2011, was awarded 2018 Italian Excellence for Art by the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles and the IACC Italy - America Chamber of Commerce West, which deals with set design and visual arts for classical and pop music and opera.

It is directed by DAVIDE GIANNONI and FRANCESCA PASQUINUCCI, who, after their musical, literary, artistic, and theatrical studies, developed their research focusing on the interaction between traditional material arts and digital arts, turning their interest to video mapping as a tool for storytelling and the creation of dreamlike spaces, finding in it a different device for the study and evolution of their surreal style, anchored in the rules of poetry.

Their need to unite storytelling and visual expression has led them to create scenic projects, coordinated images, videogames, and multimedia installations, for some of the most important Italian opera theaters and festivals, classical musicians, and the pop scene (for Universal Music Italia and Virgin Music).

They actively collaborate with Italian Embassies and Italian Cultural Institutes around the world, exporting projects of material and digital visual art, and in 2022 they are the visual artists-in-residence of FESTIVAL PAAX, the 1st Riviera Maya festival of classical music and art in Mexico, directed by M° Alondra de la Parra.

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