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In 2021 Imaginarium was entrusted with the video mapping project for the staging of TOSCA at Palazzo Farnese in Piacenza under the direction of Maestro Sesto Quatrini, directed by Giorgia Guerra. In the cast Chiara Isotton (Tosca), Francesco Meli (Mario Cavaradossi), Luca Salsi (Scarpia).


The concept of the Natural dimension and a cosmic balance has always characterized the dramaturgical carpet of our visual projects. This time too, we wanted to give life to this scenographic tale by creating a subplot that was able to run alongside the events narrated by Sardou, in the novel and by Illica and Giacosa in the libretto. The Tosca visuals were thus born looking for an architectural inspiration found in the gigantic internal wall of Palazzo Farnese, which has become for us a real "dreamlike" support and a treasure chest of a visual narration drawn on the emotional peaks of Puccini's music, and an inspiration semantics that finds in the idea of STRENGTH, sensitivity and the Ephemera of Nature a sort of primordial visceral contact with the concepts of freedom, ability to love, generosity and courage that we associate with the character of Floria Tosca. Ephemeral is the life of Nature, just as ephemeral is the life of Tosca, who, after being the bearer of Love, charity, and art, is suffocated by the hand of Man, by greed, and by the abuse of power.

photo_2021-07-31_18-26-06 (2).jpg

Suppose in the first act, the flowers of Tosca, the nuances of color, and the sweetness of the movements, poetically accompany us, with an ode to femininity, towards the epic nature of the Te Deum. In that case, the second act, in contrast, is characterized by a geometric rhythmic and disturbing, designed to reveal the monstrosity of Scarpia. The third is the act of disintegration of the human soul, of a decomposed virility clinging to suffering.

Tosca's suicide is thus a torn picture, a precious portrait of a woman pierced by the violence of actions and thoughts, an annihilated future.


All the contents of the visuals are made up of hand-drawn drawings, markers on paper, insertions of collage art, and animated to carry forward the concept of craftsmanship of the theater through technology.

TOSCA ATTO 3 1.jpg
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